About me



I’m a Registered Nurse, originally from Spain and for the past years living in England (London). With experience within the public and private healthcare sector over the last 4 years, I find very important promoting health and preventing potential risks that can cause harm in the future. I also LOVE cooking, Spanish recipes obviously, but mainly healthy tasty recipes from all over the world. And another thing you should know about me is that I’m very indecisive and I perfectly can spend hours deciding on what products are worth to buy.

So, let’s cut the long story short! Let me explain to you what is this all about…

I love my patients but I have to look after myself too. And this is the reason why I create this blog. In order to care for others, we have to look after ourselves and keep us healthy, physically and mentally. And that’s where I’d like to help you.


By giving you recipes mainly based on a balanced mediterranean diet. “We are what we eat”, well, not literally but what we eat can have a harmful effect on us. All recipes you’ll find in my blog are tasty, healthy, affordable and easy to cook for all the family. I can’t get all the credit as most of them belong to my Mum’s Kitchen, but I’ll give you some tips to achieve that authentic flavour!

As my Granma uses to say, “each individual has its own beauty but they will never be close to yours”. Yes Nanny… and believe me, for my Granma there is no other women on this earth more beautiful than me. All Granmas behave like this, don’t they? But it’s true that if we choose the right products, maybe we can look a bit better. So, if you clik the BEAUTY section you’ll find a review of some products that I have already used and where to find the best prices or offers.

I would appreciate if you have any questions or suggestions, any new product you want to know about or you’re not quite sure how to keep going with the recipe, please drop me an e-mail and I’d be delighted to help you.