Why having a good eyebrow shape can benefit your expression

It’s not very common in Spain but since I moved to England I fell in love with this trendy beauty technique which enhances the shape and colour of your eyebrows. Seriously everyone in the UK uses it or at least the majority of women I have seen in my 3 years living in the country. But is not only in the UK, it’s everywhere you go, here in Australia there are some beauty salons where they do an exceptional job with your brows. All the Hollywood stars and models have been using it for years… IT’S TIME TO CATCH UP GIRLS! 🙂

And you would ask yourself why eyebrows are so important?

Well, they make a difference when it comes to your face and most importantly, your expression. Eyebrows can change our expression in less than a second. You can look very angry or relaxed or sceptic or simply sexy! And that’s by law, if you have good shaped eyebrows your look would be sexier. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW BY MYSELF!

I recently bought this product from Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW POMADE© and it’s amazing. Its smooth texture and high quality make this product a MUST HAVE for every individual who wants an extra of juiciness 😉


I basically apply the product with an eyeliner brush that I bought at Sephora and follow few easy steps to get that shape! I’m working on a tutorial video and will upload very soon along with this post. But at least you see the before and after. I did it a bit exaggerated because I love an extreme look for a night out and during the day, for work, I normally have my normal eyebrow shape but I tend to enhance the arch because is where I suffer the lack of hair!

This is the picture of the before and after 🙂



BEFORE                                                                                          AFTER


As you can appreciate before I have like a sad look. I find myself very weird without using an eyebrow product now. It’s something I would use every single day no matter what! If you are not confident enough to use this product yet, I also have a good one that it’s really good and I always have one in my bag, BOBBI BROWN Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil. It’s so easy to use and it will last for ages!

Well let me know if you’d like to see my Tutorial and what do you think about the post!

I can also give some advice about your brows 🙂


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