Spanish Omelette: the recipe you need!

Are you fed up of trying that microwavable potato omelette with no flavour from the supermarket? Would you like to have the REAL Spanish Omelette Recipe?

I have the perfect Spanish Omelette Recipe, full of flavour! You just need FRESH ingredients and a bit of luck when we are flipping the omelette on to the pan, to get a really tasty TORTILLA ESPAÑOLA 🙂 Would you like to know more?


TORTILLA ESPAÑOLA is one of the most popular and traditional dishes from Spanish cuisine. It’s a Spanish dish you will find in almost every Spaniard home and is probably the most ordered tapa in restaurants and tapas bar. of Spain. It’s simple and cheap, you ONLY need potatoes, eggs and onion! You should also know that Spanish people are divided into TWO groups: the ones who like the Tortilla Española with onion and the ones who don’t.  This is a fact, we all have that member of the family or friend who says “I don’t like it with onion” and everyone looks at that person like it’s a weirdo.

In my opinion, without onion it’s not the same! Without onion, the omelette feels very dry and you are just taking most of the flavour away. My mum has a little trick for this issue 😉 she adds 1 small zucchini and the result is delicious! You will get a smooth, spongy and very juicy omelette, mouth-watery isn’t it? I strongly recommend adding the zucchini to your Tortilla Española, once you try it in this way it’s very difficult to go back to the original recipe.

Despite the differences, the process is the same. Before we start, I’d like to state that there are many varieties of Spanish omelette, depends on which area you are. To the following ingredients, some people add red & green peppers or only green peppers, asparagus or spinach, zucchini…



Homemade Tortilla Española by Juicibycristina


TORTILLA ESPAÑOLAprep 20 min – cook 45 min aprox.


6 large eggs

4 medium potatoes

1 large onion (optional)

1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

1 teaspoon of baking powder (ssshh this is my mum’s trick) 

Salt and pepper for seasoning 


Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut the potatoes in half, then cut fine slices of each half (see picture below). Place the potatoes in a separate bowl. Cut the onion in medium-small cubicles. If you want to add 1 small zucchini, peel off the skin and cut it in half, then cut fine slices of each half (same as potatoes).


Heat 1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a medium-large non-stick frying pan over a medium-low heat. Add the onion first. Stir the onion for 3 min, then add the potatoes. The key here to stew the potatoes not to fry them, so medium-low heat for 30 min, partially covered, stirring occasionally until the potatoes are softened. Season the mixture with salt and pepper. This is how onion should look like 🙂




Once the potatoes are softened, strain the potatoes and onions through a colander into a bowl in order to remove the extra olive oil. You can use some of that olive oil later.

Separately, break the eggs into a big bowl, add salt and the baking powder. Beat the eggs. Then, add the strained potatoes and onions and beat again until everything is mixed.


Heat a smaller non-stick frying pan with the strained olive oil (use just 2 teaspoons). Tip everything into the pan and cook on a moderate heat. You can use a spatula to shape the sides. When the sides are almost done, invert on a plate and slide back into the pan. Cook for few more minutes. There are people who repeat this process a couple of times more but I just do it once because I like it almost done, like a medium rare steak 🙂 If you are lucky flipping the omelette this should be the result.



Homemade Tortilla Española by Juicibycristina



Now you can enjoy at home a real tapa! Some bread and olive oil to dip and a glass of red wine 🙂 Hope you enjoy this treasure!



Homemade Tortilla Española by Juicybycristina


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