New life in Oz!

newlife“ONE MONTH AGO I was in a little flat in London paying a ridiculous amount of money for a flat I didn’t even like and surrounded by noises and pollution. TODAY I woke up in my apartment with this VIEW and this only states that I made the RIGHT decision of moving out of London and change my crazy busy Londoner life for the sunny city of Gold Coast! I’m HAPPY, this place is great! I’m not trying to be pretentious or show you how lucky I am. This is HARD WORK and to make the very hard decision of leaving family and friends behind. But I ENCOURAGE everyone to FIGHT for your dreams and find happiness! Maybe it’s a different job or city or continent! But DO IT for your own sake, because when you achieve your goal you’ll find that happiness I’m talking about. You will never regret of that change.”

I know it has been a while since I haven’t written anything and it was not due to a lack of inspiration whatsoever. I have been very busy changing my life completely!

So this is my last post on my Instagram account and I wanted to share with you the experience. Basically, I wanted to tell everyone that I was feeling a so alive and excited about being in that place, at that moment with that person. And the feeling was so strong, that for a moment I didn’t realize that I was experiencing HAPPINESS. It’s the kind of happiness that comes and goes in a second. But I felt proud of myself and I know that nothing can stop me right now because I can ACHIEVE what I want.

Today I’m sharing this with you because I really want to encourage everyone to do the same. NOPE, you don’t have to move that far to be happy but follow your dreams will do.

Let me tell you something…

Working as a nurse allowed me to meet new people every day. I had the privilege to converse with so many different people and get to know their stories. I would sit next to my patients and they would express openly to me. I heard some amazing stories and some sad ones too. But most of them confessed about the things they REGRET. And this is very interesting when you are young and still have a life time to live. They all regretted about things they didn’t do when they had the chance over the things they did. Do you agree? I personally could not live without knowing what could’ve happened if…

So I quit my job in July without even knowing that I was going to received the VISA, that’s a classic Cristina, always taking the risk. I left my flat in London, my family and friends for a new life in Oz! It sounds great but it isn’t. It’s hard when you are saying goodbye to your loved ones. It’s hard to say that everything is going to be ok because you are going to a different continent and you have NO IDEA of what’s going on there. Sometimes I freaked myself out, thinking what are you doing you nutter?! You have a stable job in London, close to your family and you have never been to Australia! You’re planning to live there? NUTTER. Yes, maybe. But something was not quite right in London, I wasn’t happy and was getting a bit claustrophobic in the tube. All that frustration went away the day I landed in Brisbane. And still, I was feeling scared of the unknown future. After a week, everything started to work out for us when we found a stunning long term flat in an area we love. And the morning I woke up with this amazing view, I knew all the effort was worth it!


It’s maybe a different job or a city you want to live or a place you’d love to visit or maybe it’s someone you want to be with. My advice: whatever you want to do, whatever you want to change, DO IT. Follow your dreams because dreams won’t follow you. Luck won’t do either. Time won’t come back and I really don’t want anyone to be 80 something and be regretting of all the things you haven’t done.

Hope you find this somehow lucrative. It can be hard and scary but trust me it’s all worth it!


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