The Truth About Contouring

WHY EVERYONE IS SO OBSESSED WITH CONTOURING? Contour, highlight, contour, highlight, blend it and you got a new face. Millions of girls using this technique on a Friday eve, men using it to enhance the appearance of their abs and pectorals. It’s everywhere! You see videos and videos of different techniques. There is a normal girl, even uglier than you and once it’s done she is a completely DIFFERENT person. Sometimes, it freaks me out the before and after. Contouring is simply fabulous. But this technique has a problem, it has a black or white ending. If you do it well, you’re a sexy bombshell. If you don’t… well, let’s say you have to start all over again.

I was with my best friend, we were getting ready for a long Saturday night with our boys and we couldn’t resist taking our contouring kit out. She had the DUO CONTOUR STICK MAYBELLINE and I had a highlighting concealer + DIORSKIN NUDE TAN BB CREAM. We started our makeup and my bestie couldn’t stop laughing at me. “What a blogger”, “Did Kim Kardashian give you a master class?” she kept teasing me… Selfie before we blended it and VOILÁ!

FullSizeRender (4)

Selfie before you blend it – The Truth About Contouring

I have to admit that contouring works, I like the results. But girls, take it easy with the highlighter. We tend to think that the more I put on, the better I look. We see girls turning into an orange colour due to an excess of fake tan cream, fake eyelashes that look you have a toothbrush on your eyes, those long nails you can’t even use your hands…

“Too much of anything is bad for you” and that’s the truth.



Extreme contouring makeup

Sometimes we should make it simple, look natural. But how can we be authentic when using contouring? At the end of the day, contouring is camouflage.

Well, I’m not an expert whatsoever but I had some help when I attended a master class by a beauty expert from Kat Von Die Cosmetics. She did my makeup and I couldn’t stop looking at myself. She used a powder contouring palette instead of the creamy ones. “You will blend it better with the brush and there more possible combinations compared to using a dual stick”, “you’ll get a matte effect using powder, no blemish”, GOOD, “and basically you’ll look naturally sexy”, she said. GREAT! I started buying a low-cost contouring palette (from TKMAX) just to practise, that’s my advice. If it’s your thing you should try a better quality palette but at least you don’t spend 50 quid on makeup you won’t use. I personally like a natural look rather than the girl in the pic. There are very good contouring palettes and other products I normally use to highlight my features. BONUS: using only 2 or 3 products you can achieve a very sexy look. In another post, I’ll talk about my makeup products and will tell you where you can find a good price!

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