The Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask Review

Is it worth it or not?

Let’s face it – this probably has been one of the most commented beauty product of the year in social media. There are Bloggers telling how fabulous is charcoal for your skin and lots of videos of girls crying whilst trying to peel off that black stuff from their faces. And that really freaked me out, I have to admit. So for a while, I wasn’t interested in purchasing one of those Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask at all. But GOSH! Ads were everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, even my friends were using it!

I was receiving Snapchats of my friends with their faces covered in a black paste every week, and one night, watching a video of a very funny woman peeling that “Black Shit” (quoting her) off her face, made me want to give it a go. “It can’t be that bad”, I thought.

First, I asked myself two questions. What the duck is charcoal? Never heard about it before. And the second, is this product suitable for me? I have a very weird skin type, is sensitive, dry on my cheeks and oily on the T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) and it goes extremely red and itchy after I shower. Yes, that’s me. After that, I did some research and I found out that charcoal face mask draws out the toxins from your skin, is a very effective way to remove the bloody blackheads that the majority of people have and you get a cool Instagram pic when you apply the oh-so-trendy black mask on a Saturday morning.

Then, I had a look on that Youtube video of the funny girl swearing and unable to remove the face mask. Apparently, she bought an extremely cheap one from eBay. I found it for 3.48 GBP. What a BARGAIN! Yes, very cheap. But there is a problem when you buy stuff online from brands that don’t have a proper website, you can’t see the ingredients. Most of them haven’t been tested by the European Commission or contain high levels of alcohol, which is really bad for the skin.

Finally, after a deep research, I ran into a new brand of cosmetics. Originally from Copenhagen, Jorgobé, it looked to me a very competitive Danish brand, products are based on natural ingredients and parabens free. Anyway, I wanted to see the product so I went to Selfridges, Oxford Street – London, and the girl told me they run out! (If you go to that Selfridges, you’ll realize how big is it) and I couldn’t believe it. She came back few minutes after and said, “they’ve just opened a box, and there is only one left”. GOT MINE at the end.

To see my Peel Off Face Mask click here.


Here is the Instagram pic

Back home, I followed the instructions and applied the face mask, with Snapchats included. And I have to say that if you cover your whole face with it, it will be painful. It’s very powerful, all blackheads came out (couldn’t believe how much shit I had in my pores). My skin was extremely soft, as it also removes the hair from your face (yes, that tiny almost invisible hair). The smell was good, can be a bit strong if when you apply the product on your nose. And although I wasn’t jumping with the idea of peeling off the mask, the results were positive. It’s such a great feeling when you peel it off and see what just come out of your face! My boyfriend came home from work and asked what did I do because I was glowing! Now he uses it too.




Purchased from                                                                            Photo from my iPhone.


Generally speaking, peel off face masks are good and you should see results straight away. If you have a very sensitive skin you should use a normal charcoal face mask, Clinique has a very good one too. I personally don’t like them as I don’t get the same results but otherwise, peel off or not, I would recommend you to give it a go!

Now that you know one of my little secrets,

What’s your experience with the black face mask?




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