Do you skip breakfast in the morning? Maybe you shouldn’t…

THIS IS A FACT. There are two sorts of people in this life. People who wake up at 6 in the morning and have the time to eat a proper meal (coffee, two eggs on toast + avocado, croissant and orange juice) and people like me, who luckily grab a coffee from Costa on their way to work and see-you-later-food-until-lunchtime. Since I get up, I personally need 2 hours to completely wake up, more even if I haven’t had my coffee… I’m just not a morning person and trust me, this is not good when you gotta be at work & CHOP CHOP from 7.30 am.

Apparently, this is a bad habit. I took the hint a bit when I was reading an article in Women’s Health about skipping breakfast which was directly related to feeling tired. According to experts, people who don’t have breakfast (no, one coffee is not enough) tend to feel tired and struggle to perform their task at work. Well, here I have to say that I have been able to look after 10 patients over 8 hours shift with just one cup of coffee, but what a day I had! So yes, I believe it can be risky when you have a busy morning ahead.

Skipping breakfast will not only make your morning last longer, but you will have lower blood sugar levels which can make you quite irritable (low blood sugar affects mood swings), apart from the risk of developing a nasty hypoglycaemia. But you also feel like you could eat a cow come lunchtime (and that’s why we eat more than we should). Re-assessing the situation looks pretty clear to me that not eating properly in the morning has a lot of hassle.

But, what can people like me do to avoid this situation? I’m still unable to eat at 6 am.

Well, I discovered probably the best way to get a healthy and easy breakfast in a pot. I called it “the Breaky”. You prepare it the night before and pick it up from the fridge the next morning. EASY PEASY and you have lots and lots of possible combinations depend on what you like. This is one of my most popular Breakfast Pot I usually take to work.




Granola + soy yoghurt + summer fruits Breakfast Pot


This is a pic from my Instagram account. I love granola, but you can use muesli, cereals or oats (OATS: is a superfood that if you have it in the morning with your workout reduces cellulitis and you get a JUICY booty). Add some fruit and your fave yoghurt (I normally have soy yoghurt as I’m trying to go Dairy Free, I’ll write a post about it). I use one of these cute lunch boxes SISTEMA PLASTICS.

Click here to see my breakfast pot. Isn’t it cute?

Now we have no excuse. It’s fairly easy to prepare, you can do it the night before and prepare breakfast pots for as many people as you want. Pick it on your way out and eat it whenever you want!







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