Better toasted than burnt


IT’S FUNNY, this morning I was making toasts (just one, as you can see in the pic above I didn’t put them in together) and because I’m not a morning person, was still day dreaming, I completely burnt it. It’s actually not that bad, but enough to make me put a new one in. I don’t like it when it’s burnt and it’s not good to eat charred food either, like over roasted potatoes or when you leave a pizza in the oven for 30min and it turns out black. “The black stuff” is high in Acrylamide and increases the risk of cancer. (But we will talk about food in another post).

Today I thought about something similar when I saw that charred toast…

NOW IT’S SUMMERTIME and everyone is looking forward to getting that level of tan which makes you look JUICY, even healthier. You’re like glowing, your clothes look better on you and everyone at the office asks you who are you seeing? Yes, that’s the level we all should aim to achieve.

I have recently returned from a lovely holiday in Vera Beach (Almería, Spain) and because I have been living in London for a long time, my skin has become a bit paler compared to how it looked before. So I put my SPF 15 HAWAIIAN TROPIC cream and…VOALÁ! Got burnt, and I can’t stand it because it’s painful, uncomfortable and MEGA dangerous for the skin. So, this morning when I saw the toasts together, I knew I needed to share this information with all you. Some people don’t see the real problem on getting sunburn.

The skin (epidermis) is the largest organ of the body, it protects you from infections and is a very fast-growing organ. You get sunburn and within a week everything goes back to normal, isn’t it? Well, the skin has a memory too you know, and every time you expose yourself to long hours under the sun without protection, your skin suffers and the next time it grows back again you´ll see something new, maybe a mole, some freckles… The problem is, not everyone has the same skin type, and some are more people vulnerable to develop a nasty mole that becomes a melanoma (Stage 1 Skin Cancer). DON’T PANIC, if you are careful and look after your skin this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Before it’s too late, we should prevent it by using medium or high sun protection factor cream and try to avoid sunbathing between 2-5 pm, more even if you are beaching in Mediterranean countries as the sun light is quite strong. This summer, I bought IDEAL BRONZE AMBRE SOLAIRE Tan Enhancing SPF 30, and I got a very nice brown colour. I also love HAWAIIAN TROPIC, the smell is unique but I only use a low SPF when I’m already tan.

WARNING* Your face suffers the most! The face is always very sensitive, the skin of that area is not as strong as it can be on your hands, arms, back… For that reason, sun’s UV rays are directly related to your skin’s visible ageing and it can also lead to pigmentation. Therefore, we should use a higher SPF on the face that on the body, roughly over SPF 50. In Spain, the sunlight is more intense and frequent, that’s why some people use this HIGH SPF 90 Face cream from HELIOCARE. My Mum has been using it for the last 2 years and her pigmentation has generally improved. There are other factors, (pollution, diet, tobacco and stress) that can also contribute to a premature skin ageing.

These are a few tips to avoid future problems, but if your skin type is very sensitive or your dermatologist has advised avoiding the sunlight, or you just can’t stand the heat there is one product I use the rest of the year and I’m quite happy with the results! And no, it’s not St. Tropez as most people use in England… It’s this one: POLYSIANES Face & Body Self Tanner Delicious Jelly with Monoi. It’s simply great! Instant fake tan, not sticky or oily and doesn’t stain your clothes! I’ve used St. Tropez in the past and not only my towels looked orange but my skin, personally I think it looks awful a bad fake tan.

What’s your experience with sunburn? Would you use some SFP cream after reading this post? Hope you find this post helpful and if you have anything to say or want to ask me about a product please contact me! And please, share this with your friends, family and colleagues before they get like the top toast!



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